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Professional Services and Solutions

We have created a system which deciphers the clients need, in order to amalgamate their respective businesses with high end corporate IT services. Our professionals proactively analyze the demand of time and technology to give our clients an edge over their contemporaries. NMA solutions offer varied services for corporate sector, be it their core business or internal operational needs. 

Service Level Agreement

We just don’t do it once. For our clients and customers, we offer Maintenance Contracts and Service Level Agreements to lend them ease with our expertise and brilliance.

Office 365

We are certified Microsoft partner. We provide Office 365 licenses, consultancy and implementation for companies to boasts their business. Office 365 gives you the benefits that will help transform your company, keeping you up to date and help you working to your full potential. Sign up for Microsoft Office 365 and enhance your productivity, tighten your security and reduce IT costs for your business.

Software Licensing

In order to make ourselves dependable in IT solutions industry, we have partnered some of the leading software companies which operate globally. We provide software licenses of those and even suggest the best suitable options according to your requirements.

Hardware Supplies

Hardware including but not limited to Servers, Storages, Routers, Switches, Desktop computers etc. can be provided depending our client’s requirements and specifications.

System Configuration

Our system configuration service is about providing definitions for the computers, processes and devices that compose the system and its boundary. Additionally, the system configuration is the specific definition of the elements that define and prescribe what a system is composed of.

Microsoft Deployment

We have certified Microsoft professional, having expertise as well as certifications to provide deployment services for different Microsoft products.

Health Checkup

If you think your network or system is not working properly. They are not performing the way they should perform to give ample results. Ask us, we have the doctors to do the thorough and complete health checkup to let you know what is inappropriate, and how to get rid of that particular problem.

Backup Solution

Business data is an asset that should be kept secured with a dependable backup and recovery solution. Obtaining backup is easy but certifying security and a reliable recovery needs diligence. We provide your backups with mirrored data centers, data integrity checks, regulatory compliance.

Cloud Services

To get robust, scalable and secure systems to increase productivity and reduce costs, try our Cloud hosting solutions and consultancy services.
Our crew has great understanding of the newest technologies of Cloud Computing used in various businesses. It caters public, private and hybrid solutions. We offer ongoing strategic consultancy or fully managed Cloud adoption services. 

Network Assessment

Our Network Assessment Services can help appraise the status of any network, by examining your network’s software and hardware thoroughly. We assess and analyze your IT systems to determine and fix the flaws and vulnerabilities, also suggest cost-effective improvements.

Storage Solution

We have Storage Management Solutions to rescue companies in an unfortunate event of any unforeseen disaster, they can manage their sensitive data in advance. We provide automated data protection tools for disaster recovery from a single interface allowing configuration, monitoring and reporting.

Document Management Solution

We track, manage and store documents by our Document Management Solution while making a paper-less environment for our clients. Our document management solution will help your business manage its files, from sharing and collaboration to archiving inactive files.
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Software and Web Development

Based on the best of breed of open source and emerging technologies, NMA Solutions designs, develops and implements software solutions. We build and integrate the critical software applications that run our clients’ businesses. We develop application for any kind of devices, desktop client, server, embedded system and mobile devices. We are capable to take on project of any size.
We are here to serve you and make simple static website to a dynamic and resourceful website. We specialize in advanced web design and development projects that focus on your business and its objectives. We also offer a wide spectrum of Web Design services, from simple buttons and banners to corporate site designs. Just as your business has goals and objectives, so should your website. We can help you develop a website that is not only a presence on the World Wide Web, but is also a tool for your customers and staff. Contact us for more information and let us make your business successful. 

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is about unlocking secrets and extracting the essence of data by giving it context and producing one version of truth within organizations.
Business Intelligence is recognized as means for achieving business transformation at NMA Solutions. We established intensive BI capability catering to; Financial, Insurance, Apparel, Consumer Retail and e-Commerce industries based on decades of experience with large and small data systems. Our consultants team up with subject matter experts and leverage a combination of industry domain knowledge and technical expertise to deliver exceptional results, whether it’s creating a BI vision for the client or devising an implementation strategy. 

Business Analytics

More data means more possibilities and prospects in understanding the need of the hour for your particular business. Monthly reports and expert-only tools just aren’t agile enough in today’s fast-paced business world. Our Business Analytics gives everyone the power to find answers with an intuitive, interactive, real-time experience. Find nuances, trends and outliers in a flash and make decisions when they matter the most.

IT Auditing and Consultation

An organization's IT audit is the examination and evaluation of policies and operations of its information technology infrastructure. Information technology audits determine whether IT controls are able enough to protect corporate assets. It ensures data integrity and are synced with overall goals of the business. NMA Solutions is dependable in assessing your operational processes. The most effective method to develop an IT solution is to know exactly where the starting point is, both in terms of IT infrastructure and the abilities of your employees. Knowing the starting point allows us to develop a strategy to provide the framework upon which your IT solutions can be built ensuring that they are developed to meet specific goals and are aligned with your overall business strategy. Our consultancy model allows us to identify your needs and produce a project plan to effectively support, design and provide cost-effective solutions that are suitable for your organization.
The main benefit for IT auditing and consultation is Cost Reduction.
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